College textbook hacks reddit. Screw textbook publishers, and screw University Readers. I’ve found I remember things better having to look for and write down the answer from a page. If you're looking for help with a personal book recommendation, consult our Weekly Recommendation Thread, Suggested Reading page, or ask in r/suggestmeabook. You'll save thousands by not buying or renting books whereas youll save a few hundred by avoiding fun. They don't write these things from scratch. Other books you may be able to just check out. Reply. BIO 100 is dead easy. Further, the state will pay your tuition at any in state college. Scanning is what I usually do when I have large amounts of texts to read. Library Genesis: Overall best website to get free college textbooks. ago. Switch it up, strech, do a quick chore. I worked at an on-campus library for over two years and most university libraries have a free service called Inter-Library Loaning (ILL). The unlawful sharing or duplication of Intellectual Property is a bannable offense. Once you get used to it, let the pen lead the way 4. Never heard of it till waaaaay into college! Buy/rent used books on Amazon or download books for free. Learn mnemonics. 20 votes, 51 comments. 7. As a student, you’re often faced with a seemingly insurmountable pile of textbooks, articles, and study materials. This way, you tackle one small section at a time, making overwhelming content more manageable. Lovelyme17. So for example, I’ll quickly scan over a paragraph of text, jot down 4-5 points from that paragraph and continue. Some profs have a fit over them though. Sound-cancelling headphones will help if your roomie snores. 6 million academic and general-interest books, 2. Let's share those ways to make college expenses more affordable. go to libgen and search for the title or author. Definitely consider going to a community college or local campus for a while to get your general courses down. You'll always do poorly on exams if your tired, dehydrated, hungry, and or sluggish. Taking an extra 10 minutes a day to organize/rewrite your notes can cut study times drastically. Edit: Yep, tuition in 1984 was $1,400 per year. Moving to college soon. If you don't learn to skim and figure out high yield info, you are going to do poorly. College Algebra and Trigonometry 6th Edition by Margaret L. If you can, carry a laptop. org. Their overhead is a sad excuse at justifying sky-high prices. -Break up study sessions to about 45 min of any one activity. Alternatively, you could replace pdf with ppt etc. Leave your door open while in your room if you want to make friends from passerby. Copying is easy and can be done without understanding. Now use Kali linux to perform penetration testing on windows or metasploitable linux. One really smart study hack is to break down complex info into bite-size pieces, or “chunks”. Usually you can find a Facebook group that will have people buying and selling textbooks and they'll be happy to cut you a deal to get some of their money back, and it'll save you probably hundreds of dollars each semester. There are so many other ways hack college expenses and either make it free, or reduce the total cost. Eat good, nutritious food, drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks to move your body to get blood pumping (just stand up and wiggle for 5 minutes, nothing crazy), and sleep. Clean up often, it will make the mess easier to contain. In College Money Hacks, we’ll explore everything from gig economy tips to creative side hustles that fit perfectly around our class schedules. 300 double sided pages x €0. Whether it’s leveraging your skills, cutting costs without cutting fun, or finding unexpected opportunities, we’ve got hacks for it all. If you are really poor, borrow a classmates book and use your smartphone to take photos of the pages, and in 15 minutes you will have the whole book. Borrow the book from another library for your class. OpenStax. Doesnt mean only study for 45 min, but dont do much more than that of any one thing. On the real though, if I could afford printed textbooks I would go that route but ebooks are just so convenient. Learn how to use the tools by either google searching, going through hack related sites and youtube videos. Turn your laptop bag into a backpack Request. Flashcards, self-testing, and other retrieval practices are far more effective forms of revision. I've been ganking textbooks since 2012 (I've graduated a few times). I used this and saved money by not having to purchase several textbooks I would have otherwise needed this semester. : r/LifeProTips. So my freshman year I had a grant that allowed me to buy my books but now I am on my own. Worldcat is a library catalog that allows you to search lots of libraries near you. You have to understand na yung set of friends mo sa first sem/term ay most likely the same set of friends hanggang dulo (pwede madagdagan/mabawasan along the way). I find this especially helpful for research or studies that have clear subheadings to pick out from. Do it as a cycle (it gives you time to rest) 2. Mobilism: Best for literature, biology, and make requests. I understand that college students have a lot on their plates, and reading textbooks in their entireties is often a burden. It is our intent and purpose to foster and encourage in-depth discussion about all things related to books, authors, genres, or publishing in a safe, supportive environment. 5. They refuse to sell textbooks in modules (DLC style to buy the chapters you are actually going to use) and they don't sell eBooks at a fair price. I also had my notes next to the text book so line up what I wrote to what was on the textbook and fill any gaps. I actually found textbooks to be extremely helpful and one the “school hacks” students missed. Discussions of how to find the best deals & lowest prices on textbooks are encouraged. Jan 5, 2024 路 4. VK. Would love to hear some life hacks for dorm life and college/adulting in general Mar 22, 2021 路 Every time the semester starts, you find yourself with a long list of textbooks. The textbook is there to reinforce concepts. People who don't do any kind of Phase 1 end up complaining about "not learning anything," or "forgetting everything immediately after the exam. MembersOnline. An ultrasonic vaporizer (not a wax-melter) can help you get good scents in the space. Lial. I used ebooks when I was in nursing school back in 2007 and it made things a loot easier. Sharing is caring, and this tip automatically makes you the best roommate. Also, these classes are often easier so you can get a leg up on your GPA. Talk to your neighbors. 2 million comics, and 381 thousand magazines. I could search al my ebooks at once for something, made copying images and info easier for papers or study guides and the portability was insane. This technique blends breath focus with progressive muscle relaxation. Textbook costs increased 88 percent between 2006 and 2016, and over 1000% since 1970. metalhead566 • 7 yr. r/UCDavis. The important thing about reading academic texts is not PantslessDan. 45M subscribers in the AskReddit community. 3. That out-of-class work is part of the weekly workload for a college class. Enjoy. 531 votes, 349 comments. It forces you to make sense of the meaning of the content. Do what you can to lower the price. in the title column, select the version you want. much cheaper than buying books. And apart from books, they have educational articles. Hope this helps someone! 23. Archive. Also ask other students in your major, they may have already taken a class and don't need the book anymore Difficulty Pirating College Textbooks. Z-Library. Learn by “Chunking”. Then only pdf's will come up and you can find free textbooks. For example, imagine you’re studying the human skeletal system. OpenStax is an excellent resource for free college textbooks. Someone came to our school at the end of the year to buy back books in person but I didn't make it. Drag it along as you read 3. I have a calculus textbook that a few site online are offering $70 for but it seems sketchy at best. 2. And I also suffer from severe migraines. Front load your grades for scholarships. Had to speak to my professor since they wouldn't post after the trial but he was so impressed he just gave me credit and saved me $150. Source: Redteamer with a focus on adversary simulation. avaxhome. 986. Moving into a new apartment in a couple months and wondering if you guys had any hacks for your room, whether they're for aesthetic purposes, productivity, or otherwise. College Board says students should budget $1,240 annually for books. I'm doing that this year and saved like $400 compared to buying or renting from somewhere else. Then read the in between bits as much as you A new study shows that students learn way more effectively from print textbooks than screens - “While new forms of classroom technology like digital textbooks are more accessible and portable, it would be wrong to assume that students will automatically be better served by digital reading” Non-Fiction: -Cult of the Dead Cow by Joseph Menn -The Hardware Hacker by Bunnie Huang -Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick. Dec 15, 2016 路 Here’s what to do: 1. If you are a whiz at writing papers, ask your professors/teachers if they have extra credit papers you could do. Cal Newport Schoolwork Advice/Process. Read the introduction. You will save a lot of money and really figure out what you are interested in. Thankfully some professors are rebelling by giving free PDFs of a book. Its an excellent (and very well written and engaging) overview of memorisation and the journey technique. Plus reviewing your notes everyday (only for 30 minutes at the most, I do 10 minutes after school and 10 before bed) even if you don't have a test. You can also buy an earlier edition for around 10 bucks and the differences will be negligible. go back to the start, and repeat this method with each sub chapter—read the first paragraph, then the last one. Vitalsource com C. My college's president was caught spending millions on garden decor Hacks S3E9 Recap and Thoughts (Long Read) Apologies for the absolutely insane number of words, got carried away trying to compensate for being slower than usual with my recap. The idea was inspired by a study they did at West Point (a very demanding school!) where they mandated that one group of students work only during the 8-5 hours, and those students excelled, performing better than their peers who could work ad libitum. Masterpost of Common App Resources! Best of A2C. I'm not aware of any method to pirate the codes. You use power points, reading strategies, and questions to get through them. Prompt and regular studies is absolutely necessary in college. Yea, in my experience most professors are in full agreement that the textbook racket is bullshit. It’s a nonprofit educational initiative, which is based at Rice University. SOME even tell you tricks to avoid the book. I have become a pirate and saved myself hundreds! Ebooks are great if you have a tablet. org: Best for old and uncommon textbooks. Instead of using it for the virtual machine, I used it -and it's license code- when I was forced to upgrade windows to get updates for my hardware. While it is easier to search for terms on a computer, I prefer touching and holding the book. Nearly the entire college textbook market is dominated by five publishers r/allcollegetextbooks: Request your College Textbooks, Solution Manuals, and Test Banks r/ApplyingToCollege. I did a whole semesters worth of homework during the 2 week trial an online book offered. College Textbooks are insanely overpriced. I scored in the 99th percentile ACT and SAT, and have grown up in the 2010s when standardized testing was everywhere. Worst case scenario he one day takes the book in and i look like a retard, but still "done" the homework. Typically, when the sources in the r/piracy Mega Thread let me down, I buy ebooks, rip/remove DRM and return the purchase. Read the conclusion/any summary at the end. Heat two bowls at once in the microwave with this handy trick. Allegedly same with American Heritage. Nov 1, 2023 路 6. Rent books from campus bookstore G. (Question was: Gonna be starting college in two weeks any advice?) It’s widely considered “out-dated” but Hacking: The Art of Exploitation is one of my all time favorites. Pearson is forcing students at my school to buy an access code to their system (basically paying >$70 to turn in HW), and I was looking at the info regarding an optional included e-textbook and saw this 馃ぁ Printed textbooks are always going to be the best choice. To memorize effectively, follow this simple technique: read the material ten times, speak it aloud ten times, and write it down twice. Take me out for 3 days each time. Sort by: 1. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Here's something that worked for me in late in engineering school and throughout graduate school: An 8-hour "workday". For undergrad, I personally used my physical textbooks over e-books. Add a Comment. Make friends immediately. For myself, I bought the paper textbooks on my first semester of prereqs and I didn’t use them much. However, I don’t want to spend so much money on books. From then on I’ve used ebooks. com: Best for Medicine and Nursing textbooks. Personally, in the text book the first time through I don't do notes and just highlight. 1. So many times students don't check so there are ones available B. What are some dorm room life hacks. " If you do Phase 1, I don't think you would need to do Phase 2, though. The music industry learned its lesson, so now its time these dinosaurs do too. Jan 29, 2022 路 Hi everyone!馃挆 a lot of you have been asking me how I get my textbooks online for free so that is what today’s video is all about!! I hope you guys enjoy and The "cheat code" for college: go to class and pay attention. Gon_Awol. reddit. I used small binders and broke my book up into sections, leaving whatever I didn't need at home safely on a bookshelf. Move the pen at the pace you can keep up with but faster than your ordinary speed 5. Basically your library requests a book from another library (or libraries, as is often the case, until one of them has it and BOOKS: Never buy a book from the college book store. Some even tell you first day to not buy the book and just use the slides for free. Image Source: Pinterest. Jul 28, 2022 路 1. You wonder "why are college textbooks so expensive? my pocket is already cry For example, if you aim to get into a Top 20 college, Selfplanr will customize your weekly tasks accordingly and suggest extracurriculars and competitions aligned with your interests, making sure you build a truly well-rounded college app. 09 = €27. My 'putting it into practice' section is pretty much yanked wholesale from the (much better) bit in this book. Also make sure you know all the free shit your school gives you like software licenses, subscription deals, etc. Salt Lake Center classes. [deleted] • 7 yr. TidalLion • 4 yr. Comment more resources if you think of them! College Algebra and Trigonometry by Julie Miller. r/ApplyingToCollege is the premier forum for college admissions questions, advice, and discussions, from college essays and scholarships to SAT/ACT test prep, career guidance, and more. No textbook is worth $300, remember that. One of mine said we should pirate his book if we want to read it. In my nursing class we cover almost 150-200 pages a week. You can read Libby books on your Kindle if you want, and unlike The answer is the answer and it shouldn't vary between a reputable You Tube source and the book, but I read the book first. I already plan on building a desk with a white board as the main surface (engineering student, going to save a lot of scratch paper) and installing a light dimmer. Legally. gs, you can find more here . Reply reply. • 3 yr. Classwork is a lot less stressful if you have people you can discuss things with, or get notes if you miss a day, or who can give you a heads up about changes in assignments, etc. Such a waste of money for a piece of paper. Textbook Rental Recommendations. A good usenet server probably has most of the books trackers have except rarer items. LPT: Access any textbook for absolutely free. 6 Share. you are now on the page for the book. A subreddit dedicated to hacking and hackers. College Mathematics 9th Edition by Cheryl Cleaves. Eventually TA'ing nursing classes, I can tell you most of the time tests or Powerpoints are passed down between professors for years. a2cthrowaway321123. Digital textbooks. Go to opening week events. u/abradaric is a repost bot engaged in a vote manipulation scheme with the OP of this post, u/nancyrossx which is also a repost bot. Vet your professors really carefully on rate my professor for the easiest If your books are from Cengage you can buy a Cengage Unlimited subscription for $120 for the semester which gives you access to any and all cengage ebooks and online resources like OWL and WebAssign. After a few minutes of deep breathing, you focus on one part of the body or group of muscles at a time and mentally releasing any physical tension you feel there. . A not insignificant amount of the big textbook publishers still use Flash for their online readers making inspecting the page or even copying text for that matter impossible. Flip through till the end of the chapter, reading each sub heading as you go to get an idea of where things are going. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of mirror links. People start to make friends within hours of moving in. It's about how you read them. Hello! I just finished a summer project of reading Cal Newport ’s books and blog posts related to “Study Hacks”. I went to a local community college for 11th and 12th grades, barely stepped foot in my high school, and had my Associate's degree and high school diploma both at 18. You can find the textbooks themselves easily enough, but everyone I know just had to bite the bullet and buy the codes through the Uni bookstore. (Free library with the best search/navigation) Like Libgen, Z-Library is a great resource center for college students to find Free Textbooks on many subject matters. If they do, write a couple of extra things and turn them in. ADMIN MOD. But fear not! In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 effective speed reading techniques and hacks that will help you conquer your textbooks and maximize your information intake, even with a busy schedule. You might see if an international edition comes with a code since they're usually a fraction of the price, but it's a long shot. Quick life hack/Tip for those looking for free Textbooks! If you type in the google search bar textbook name or subject followed by 'filetype:pdf'. We recommend: Definitely would prefer paper textbook, since I’ve tried ebooks and never read them since I know I’ll easily get distracted, if you’re the type of person who likes to focus like me, definitely get a textbook. The pressure to absorb information quickly can be overwhelming. This is a copy of a rant I just posted on a random post because I forgot this sub exists. r/college does not support or condone the unlawful duplication or sharing of electronic textbooks. College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences 13th Edition. You can also rent physical books for $8. 5" so they weren't huge. I just finished a quiz and need to rant. They're very useful for any class in college. The difference in education is small and prestigious schools take advantage of prestige with tuition. lc, libgen. Doing Phase 1, or something like it, is important. My idea is to have students submit a textbook and a chapter they need outlined, and pay a fee to have only the non-fluff information returned to them. Local bookstores in your town F. It becomes much harder to make friends when classes start. Put things into your own words. Would a place like half price books offer anything worthwhile? Copied signatures of teachers and helped my friends. Binding a Loose-Leaf Text Book: Buying college text books as loose-leaf can save you money but I hate the spiral binding plastic folder things because I tear pages out buy accident or the metal rings allow a page to pop-out, and they are too stiff. It seems like a cruel joke, cuz I coulda had a two-year degree right before the virus hit if I just wasn’t such a fuckin loser at being alive So I’m 100% an ebook kinda person. •. Even if you're shy or cynical or whatever, make it a point to be friendly with I don't think BYUs tuition has increased by nearly that much but the textbooks are greatly overpriced. Manuals: -Hacking: the Art of Exploitation by Jon Erickson -Operator Handbook by Netmux/Joshua Picolet -Hands-On Hacking by Hickey, Arcuri -Hacker's Playbook series by Peter Kim. Pace yourself from normal, fast to fastest 6. 4. DO NOT read your textbook as a 'study technique'. Rewording will help the information stick in your head better. Every 5 credits earned at the college will give the high school student 1 high school credit in the same field. Does anyone have any recommendations for websites that rent you books at a cheap price? Also if you know how to sell textbooks that could be great too. Stay organized. /r/libgen and its moderators are not directly affiliated with Library Genesis. I’ve taken thousands of tests in my life. One extremely useful exam hack: get the past 10+ years of question papers and use them as guide to plan your study. More than 60% of exam questions are same or extremely similar to questions from the past 10 years. i recommend any of the 4 on the left, they are the fastest in my experience. When it comes to college textbook I highly recommend looking online for free pdf versions or using Chegg! Chegg sells books for like a very cheaper prices between 10-30 bucks depending on your book! That’s a big saver especially when books are in the $100-$300 range! 600 pages is an estimation of the average amount of pages mt college textbooks have. Only take one hard class per semester and load with medium and easy A's. select one. Yeah, absolutely. Here is how I used college board to bypass my chromebook (Requires Lockdown Browser) For those who are unaware, you can download a free copy of the majority of textbooks via the link provided below. I think the binders were 1" or 1. Probably the most important things you can do are to use libgen to download your books or torrent them. I thought I’d ask for you all‘s experience. Every time I didn’t understand the material that my professor taught I would always go to the textbook to read it section by section. Woah, don't copy word for word. I’m one of those people who did fine in high school, but struggled this past year in college – I crammed for tests, missed classes, pulled all-nighters, all that. A body scan can help boost your awareness of the mind-body connection. I didn't have any issues with the pages tearing, just be careful! AutoModerator detected the "textbook" keywork in your post. Aug 14, 2013 路 21. Amazon com D. When printing, double-sided is environmentally and financially preferable (0. I hate inquizitive with a passion. https://b-ok. Correct, but BYU has still been well over inflation. We’ve been given the option of a book package for $900ish for paper textbooks +ebooks or ebook only package for $600ish. Know your strengths, and play to them. As many people are about to realize, college textbooks are absurd. Hahaha. The goddamn month I decided to start trying college, this shit hit and now I have to have my first experience with college be fuckin wack constantly. Project Gutenberg: Best for English textbooks and novels. However some are dicks and ask you to turn in the worksheet from the book. They're searchable - a godsend for open book tests. Used the school's download portal to download an operating system. However, so is the (more common) practice of ignoring the textbook entirely. ws is a good direct download site. 600 pages/2= 300 double sided pages. Bookboon: Best for STEM textbooks. This applies to many science based textbooks. Ebay com E. However, this time around in college, I'm being assigned textbooks that are not readily available in eBook format There are n number of tools already built in to distro viz Nmap, Wireshark, Burpsuite, OWASP ZAP, Metasploit to name a few. Get a pen 2. It could be the cushion you need if you bomb a test, and keep your grade intact. You can almost always find it for cheaper online. If you're feeling unmotivated, just do a little bit at a time. So malaking influence siya sa kung magiging palaaral or palalakwatsa ka throughout your college life. Library Genesis (LibGen) is the largest free library in history: giving the world free access to 84 million scholarly journal articles, 6. com. College students, what are some of the must-know tricks and life hacks you want to share with us? [Serious] This list of the best college hacks will help you survive school and have you wishing you knew these tips and tricks earlier. Take care of yourself. Like there is a copy in the library. Reading everything in a textbook is probably a bad idea. Break it down into smaller more manageable chunks, such as if I had a paper due in a few weeks then, maybe one day I'll do the outline and nothing else. Try to make friends with someone in each class. Constructive collaboration and learning about exploits, industry standards, grey and white hat hacking, new hardware and software hacking technology, sharing ideas and suggestions for small business and personal security. Advice. 09 cents per double sided page at my university, could be less when owning a printer yourself). On OpenStax, you can find high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed college textbooks that you can read for free online, or print for a low cost. That's how I got my hands in Windows 10 Education The book that got me started on efficient memorisation and the journey technique was 'Moonwalking With Einstein' by Joshua Foer. Chegg com. It also allows you to tease out any questions you may have so that if you go to office hours you know what you need. Make lists or draw charts/diagrams/tables when you're taking notes. Check Facebook groups for textbooks exchanges at your University. Award. Now it is $5,760 or roughly a 400% increase instead of a 1200% increase like your graph shows. It will teach you really how to think like a hacker and you’ll learn some technical skills as well. People will even pay a life's debt to go to a school that strokes their ego. This method engages your visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses, enhancing your memory retention. 22. Aug 4, 2023 路 Libby: This is an easy-to-use, free app links you with your local library so you can download e-books, music, magazines and more. Memorization Hack. Even though she’s in a much less combative place with Marty, Deborah still isn’t willing to admit that she came over to tell him the news in person and insists that May 2, 2024 路 Subdomain websites: libgen. College ^ is a hack. No book requests. nt mv dn nl ml ev wx gg bz au